I am a British Industrial Designer living and working in Taipei, Taiwan. By day, I design notebook computers for Dell. By night, you’ll find me fixing photos, cooking or hacking away at the code on this website. Given half a chance, you’ll find me on a bike somewhere in the mountains, up to my knees in mud, or out trying to hunt down good live music. I occasionally try my hand at professional writing.

Some of My Favourite Posts

Scooter English – A summary of the prose written on the sides of scooters, here in Taiwan
Designing a Celebrity Wedding Ring Wedding – Interesting professional experiences
Japan – A Nation of Textures – Some nerdy photos of the textures of Japan
First day in Taiwan – Intense first day impressions

Some More Adventurous Things

Central Cross Highway – From Taichung to Hualien by bike
Nenggao – The mighty Nenggao pass in central Taiwan, on mountain bike
Mount Yushan – Climbing the highest mountain in North-East Asia
Stonedeer Trail – Our first run at one of the best trails in northern Taiwan
Tour De Taiwan – Tour round the southern half of Taiwan, back in 2005

About Heresjonny.com

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