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Woke up pretty hungover and headed downtown just wanted to get the measure of what it was like. However, wasted about an hour walking around totally lost, convinced I could not read a map and utterly confused. When I eventually worked things out it all became clear… the exit signs on the station were marked North, South, East and West. Okay. Logical? You would think so… The North exit is in the south. The south in the north. East in west and west in east! WHAT?!?! You crazy, crazy people! I had to get a coffee and sit down at that point because my brain hurt. And of course it pissed it down raining. Ha. And the coffee shop sold ‘Yorkshire Tea’ which made me chuckle.

Also went around the equivalent of Tottenham court road. Whooooaaaa. TECHNOLOGY. Lots of fun, and I bought a calculator for doing sums as dividing everything by 60 to get the GBP equivalent was getting dull.

Again, I ate sushi. Needed some fresh veg and I think it is a good way to eat healthily. Fish, rice and fresh crunchy veg. All the chinese stuff that tastes good I am sure contains large amounts of bad stuff. Everyone eats together in the evenings in the canteen, so I expect my veins to burst with cholestorol within weeks. In fact, I am eating together with them tonight. Makes sense, as it is free and I can enlist some help looking for flats and so on.

Went to the cinema with Anke off the team. Supposed to be more of them but they bugged out. Was really nice to be in there as the Taiwanese audience really gets into the film and everyone laughs their socks off at the slightest joke.

Went to a convenience store for food last night. Another world. Went round grabbing random things. New experiences in convenience food – will be testing out final phase on the toilet in the morning.

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