Saturday Fun. Sunday Pain.

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Friday after work went and had a steak in the foreign quarter with a few team members. It was a real experience to dine in Taiwan but using a knife and fork. Did not feel natural! Still, the steak was good and it was amusing to go to a pan-european/usa/australian restaurant to experience ‘the west.’

On Saturday I went and saw a pretty cool flat in a great location, interesting interior design (mezzanine level, sunken bedroom… sliding panels!) but sadly someone beat me to the deposit on Sunday so the search continues. Met a local girl with Michael who wanted to talk English so we went to a hotpot restaurant and set fire to lots of food and overcookd the rest. Not impressive!

On Saturday we went to The Wall club again to check some local live music talent (100% hit rate of saturday nights at the place!) and it was good. Met some Taiwanese designers and some more local Taiwan staffers and people in advertising. Somehow we ended up at a club called Roxy 99s and it was drinking destruction. Not good at all. Even worse the next day, with one of the worst over hangs I have ever experienced – and somehow waking in a hotel room made it much, much worse.

However, Michael had just got hold of a scooter for the first time so we rode of the hangover by accelerating off down the motorway… it’s just that we did not know the protocols of turning (there are none) so we just kept straight until we found a restaurant where we ate! Local hotpots, where you make your own stew on the table are delicious and cheap, and always busy.

After, I met up with Anke and Lars (Anke I work with and Lars is her designer boyf) and a few other people at a Thai restaurant downtown. I was not with it in any way, so went the wrong way down the undergrouns system and overshot the exit I wanted… and then exited and walked down the wrong street. However, Anke scooped me up and I ate dinner again… some of the best food I have ever had. Need to go here again, and more importantly Thailand!

And on the way home overshot my MRT stop. Great.

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