Temple of Doom

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The second day of our central island tour saw us visiting a town, somewhere or other. Sadly, the Richard Claydermen music that accompanied the ride had subdued any meaningful mental processing, and as such memories from the day are very limited. However, when I awoke the following day I discovered I had visited a temple. First, let me show you our tour guide “Scary Dragon”… his flag and mega giga phone meant that the street traders had plenty of warning to raise all their prices in time for our arrival:

View of the interior of the temple. I certainly felt the need to enter into some kind of kung fu movie, with plenty of flying ninjas and pirates. Smooth and cool.

A shot of the pretend money that people burn, along with incense sticks, to bring them good fortune. In the shops and houses near my house you will often find people setting fire to a good pile of money to bring them plenty of luck in the future.

Temple floor:

Sets of boxes – not sure if they are for storing gifts, bottles of whisky or ashes of relatives.

Temple view outside…

The bustling streets of the town with no name:

This view of a pile of corn, with tiny chair just amused me. Earlier, there was a small teddy bear on the seat, but I think he had popped off for a cigarette.

Finally, just to show that everything is strange and weird on the island- a petrol station. View the complete lack of control of design.

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted 2004/10/06 at 01:03 | Permalink

    I’ve just seen a picture of the tiny chair next to a huge montain of corn husks! The only thing scarier would have been a larger chair standing directly next to the tiny chair! god what an awful thought

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