Weekend Drinking

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Well, I more or less managed to fill the entire weekend with drinking, or recovering from drinking. On friday I went out with the guys from the office and met Francoise – an industrial designer for an MP3 player company – and Dean – a freelance British industrial designer. Had a fun night and stumbled home, after calling all my friends in the UK on my mobile… $$$

Saturday was mainly spent feeling a bit dog awful, but I did manage to get the rest of my images up for this blog, which is good. It is actually a really nice thing that I enjoy having now – it makes me realise I am over here and doing it! Now I am in the swing of everyday life it is easy to forget that I am doing something unusual and adventurous.

Also, I had, quite simply, the BEST sashimi of my life in the afternoon, and in a restauraunt really near my house too – which I had to be pleased with! Some sparks of Chinese language meant I was able to communicate to a limited extent with the family who owned it, and even the ‘Lau Ban’ (Boss) who was splendidly gruff and Japanese. The food was prepared entirely by hand to the Chef’s specifications – no menu – freshly cut and prepared, and laid out on the table in front of you. Rather different than the Yo Sushi! belts I am used to in London.

I met up with the guys in the evening, and had a pleasant house party at Zoe and Louisa’s … and went to the nastiest meat market Club in Taipei – Carnegies. Fat American men and young Taiwanese girls. And us. Dancing on the bar. Ahem.

Sunday was spent more or less cruising around Ximen. I met up with Lorenzo and had a few beers with him at a nice Belgian bar.

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