Hong Kong & Lamma Island

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I had saved seeing Hong Kong Island on the first day so I could do it with Ele together. We also met up with Olivier and Jean-Marie – two of Eleanor’s distributors from CSR. Although the three new arrivals were severely jet-lagged (I had no such problems, since Taiwan is in the same time zone as HK) I had some job pushing them into running over to the Peak Tram to take in the views of Hong Kong from above. However, your man succeeded and we took the ridiculously steep service up the side of the hill. I was a bit disappointed that it has turned a bit touristy and Madame Tousaudsy, lacking that creaking “will we hurtle down the hill side when the cable snaps?” excitement, and replaced with air-con. Still, it matters little as the views were incredible.

Views from the top of the Peak Tram

After that (and I am sad to report that the tram’s cable still remained intact on the way down, avoiding the tram smashing through the back end of the station that I so badly craved) we jumped into a taxi (a concession to Jean-Marie’s need to avoid more public transport) and headed for Aberdeen. I have no real idea why they named it after that town, as the views are different to what I think of granite-themed Aberdeen, and it has a rather famous, kitsch, expensive and unfortunately not-really-that-great restaurant called Jumbo, ominously. However, I seem to remember it starring in numerous Kung Fu movies I have seen, so again I don’t care at all.

We decided to take a meandering journey back to Central and took a boat out to Lamma island – a peaceful world away from the main islands. The trip included a rather characterful Chinese man with too many teeth in his mouth guiding us across the choppy waters in his none too stable craft. Still, it was great fun and interesting to see another view. After, we took a speedy ferry back to Central, where Ele and I indulged in some rather fantastic ice cream over views of the city.

Our man Quik Silver.

The views from our… yacht.

Lamma Island

Peacefully awaiting the ferry home

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