Mogwai in Wulai

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Mogwai, Scottish rock gods, blessed the island of Taiwan with their unique blend of intense riffs and ballistic delivery. I don’t really think the island knew what to expect – we certainly didn’t.

This was no ordinary location -Wulai. Admitedly, I have now been here a rather large number of times recently, but this is because it is cool and because I like it. When Mogwai came last year they clearly though the same thing and departed a high profile Japanese tour for a low-profile Taiwanese festival in the middle of nowhere.

The only flat piece of ground in Wulai – between the mountains and the volcanic hot springs – is the local school perched on the edge of the ravine. Mogwai played the local elementary school yard, complete with running track, kids’ toilets and artwork on the walls. It was kind of like some severely mutated parent’s evening. But with rock music.

Mogwai – Scottish Rockers (they ain’t the bay city rollers)

First of the inevitible drunk self portraits (beer was a frankly ridiculous 30p a time – cue epic hangover)

The laser sword is the ultimate symbol of authority in Taiwan – with it you can get anyone to do anything. I had quite some fun bossing people around with my one.

Myself, Tanja and Michael (at the hip hop gig in the school gym…)

A well-chosen location, near the hot springs. We have no idea why they like building concrete everywhere. But still they continue, no doubt inspired by China’s 3 Gorges damn.

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted 2006/06/25 at 02:33 | Permalink

    Reinforced concrete works better for an earthquake prone region like Taiwan. Don’t you think?

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