Hong Kong 2.0

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My second visit to HK in 3 weeks (what a jet – setter I am) was for business this time. I was over visiting some audio companies and cool human interface sensing technologies. That was okay, but I also went to two trade shows, specialising in Chinese-made tat for gullible consumers. Wood effect rice cookers, paper laminators combined with shredders, and carbon fibre effect fake leather. It exists.

The less said about that the better, so better to focus upon the good things … more of Hong Kong – a place I really like.

I did all the tourist stuff with my sis, so this time I went to some more off-beat attractions and local treasures. These include the Mong Kok computer market (read: DVD piracy centre), the flower market and the bird market (plus, of course food and drink).

A sign that appealed to my geeky side in the underground system

The Bird Market in the north of Kowloon is really nice and chilled. The old geezers bring their birds here to sing, and it has maybe a similar feeling to an allotment in the UK. They also sell birds, and food (live grasshoppers) and all the cool cages.

One of the Lau Bans (old men) tending to his shop

Pictures of the cages

Lady near the flower market

Does this sum up Hong Kong… a Chinese lantern, sponsored by Fosters?

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