God is Love

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This is one of the strangest places in Taipei. Christianity has a long history of ‘travelling’ around the world destroying other cultures, and it would seem the Las Vegas sect has rolled into town with this one. I really need to go in and check this out, since it must be pretty cool inside to match the over-blown exterior.

I have actually spoken to a couple of people about Christianity – people who grew up as Buddhists. It is always fascinating to hear their views, and their perception of it. The thing that people seem to be looking for is answers, and in my opinion Christianity does not give them. Further, they see it as a benign, safe religion – and all I see is torture, war and destruction.

Still, people are entitled to their views.

Jesus saves lives …. (props to Lars for the pic)


  1. Anonymous
    Posted 2004/11/22 at 23:49 | Permalink

    I really like this photo. I thought it’s a gas station. Where is this place?

  2. Posted 2004/11/23 at 22:56 | Permalink

    It’s the church near NTU in Gonguan.

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