Taipei Tourist – The Return

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I am at the 6 month point out here, and have reached a transition point somewhat. Work has felt like a drag of late, I am getting a bit tired of not being able to meet people so easily (what with my 4 year old’s Chinese skills) and in general I am at the bit between knowing the place and feeling comfortable, but not having the infrastructure of friends and scenes to be part of.

This weekend and the last I have lurched from some slightly irresponsible behaviour and have come back down to earth. I have started looking things with curious eyes again, have some of my more typical vim back (and vigour at work I hope too!) and overall am a bit more happy. So that’s nice, for all you folks back home. Anyway, I took some photos this weekend of things that interested and amused me – esp. while looking for art museums with my friend Luisa. The Taipei Artist’s Village was a bit of a let-down (no exhibits) we lost the Chang Foundation of Fine Arts (it must have been really fine) and wandered to the Hua Shan Arts District to see some slightly mediocre environmental art. Next week I will check out the more controversial Bienniel and hopefully walk away more impressed.

Near to Main Station there was frantic activity where they had recently finished building an attractive small temple. What I did not understand was why they were preparing to wrap this in steel (see the frame). Will it be in glass? Bricks? Concrete (most likely).

Bored on the job – an enthusiastic policeman near Sogo + laser sword

Some cool stripes that caught my eye in an underground car park near to the Breeze Centre (another over-priced shopping mall)

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