Feline Fine

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My cat-related theme is continuing this week, it seems. Whilst shopping for blinky techno things I got sidetracked by this bag that someone was carrying … and it had a cat in it (hard to appreciate, I know). They were of course very proud of their little moggy, though I am not sure what the cat thought…

Especially for Bianca…


  1. Anonymous
    Posted 2004/12/10 at 23:11 | Permalink

    Hi there you, loved the CATBAG- where can I get one? I would of course have to borrow a cat…
    Love the things you are finding out there, sounds like its an interesting place!!!
    Little Miss Whitham

  2. Anonymous
    Posted 2004/12/16 at 01:08 | Permalink

    Ermm, Jonny, who exactly is Little Miss Whitmam????

  3. Posted 2004/12/22 at 08:46 | Permalink

    Jenny is my old flat mate!

    She’s ace.

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