Counting Sheep

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I had an absolutely fantastic final weekend with my family away in Wales for a weekend. We stayed in the village of Llanwrtyd for a welcome break – hiking by day… eating at the in-house Michelin Star restaurant in the evening. The food was simply exceptional – the finest possible ‘British Cuisine’.

Llanwrtyd is home of the World Bog Snorkelling Championships and the Man V Horse V Bike race, plus it is Britain’s smallest town. A bizarre little place in the middle of the mountains … with a world-class restaurant.

Bog Snorkeller in Action

Stranger still is the World Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling Championship. I think the name explains the concept, but this is the result:

The wheels are lined with lead, by the way

Anyway, onto the hiking. We managed to happily side-step the torrential floods effecting much of the rest of the country and enjoyed 2 days of glorious weather. The navigation was more than a little difficult (I blame the Forrestry Commission for insisting on moving the woods every few years) but the scenery was breathtaking; especially so as a result of the astonishing winter light that drowned the hills with beautiful glowing tones all through the day.

Casting a shadow on the mountainside – and contemplating which of those trees had moved

View towards the lowlands, over the sheep / dinner

Me and my old man

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