Biking Yang Ming Shan

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I finally got to go mountain biking after waiting 2 weeks to get on the thing, due to company commitments. I headed out with Lars, who is not a cyclist, but who is very fit – fitter than me! I was also suffering from one too many Belgian beers from the previous night, so Jonny Armstrong was not quite on top form. Still, we had a cool day and I got to try my bike out a little on some back woods trails (until we hit steep steps).

The coolest bit was happening upon a golf course, rocking up and demanding a session in the driving range. Since we were paying good money and the place was mostly empty they lest us in, surrounded by slightly strange looking locals in lots of brand mame Pringle and Lacoste. We fitted right in, with red faces and muddy legs.

My swing started a bit badly, but I got into a quite impressive series of long distance shots with incredible amounts of slice. I almost cleared the fence a couple of times… but to the side. Still, the auto-dispensing machine and the crack of the balls flying off into the distance was very entertaining, and great after a hard bike ride.

Nike Poobahs and Astroturf do not mix


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