Taroko Gorge

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Taroko Gorge is the crown jewel in Taiwan’s national park system. I took the folks there for a few days of relaxation and hiking and I have to say it comfortably exceeded expectations. The bus ride from the train station was truly breathtaking, winding our way down a marble canyon inches from the edge. Japanese and Taiwanese engineers have made many attempts to drive a road through with varying levels of success, and it it veers through tunnels over bridges and hangs to the rocks as it makes its way to TienShang – out stop.

We rocked up to a charming place – the Catholic Hostel. We got the best room for my parents (room 12 has the balcony view over the valley) and I kipped next door. The whole place was deserted, being mid week, and it stayed like that for our whole stay – very un-Taiwanese!

God bless us

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