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Leaving Tamara Nagara was hard – only because I wanted to spend more time there and do some longer jungle hikes. That is the problem with great places – you want to spend more time there!

Morning sunrise in the jungle

Messing about on the river

Our boat departed and we had a simply luxurious ride down the river. Sun, waves, animals…. astonishingly relaxing. From the jetty, I met with a German couple I had bumped into before. Luckily, he worked for Deutsch Bahn and therefore knew everything there was to know about the train system here in Malaysia. Impeccably planned (a contrast to my go-with-the-flow attitude) we got a short taxi ride up to a small town to meet a bus that took us to the train station in Ga Masan – and the fast train saving us 3 hours!

The ride was simply breathtaking. Seeing the sun set over the tree-covered mountains while riding along at the head of the train is something I will remember for a long time. Utter relaxation.

Gua Masan – play ‘Spot the goat herd on the tracks’ and win a prize


Arrival im Khota Baru, near Thailand, was a bit of a disppointment – it is supposed to have the best night market for food in the region, but for some reason it was closed and we spent last night and this morning looking for food. Oh well – at least it is a town with some charm and nice buildings!

So now, I am sitting bare-footed in an internet cafe and preparing to head for the Perintian Islands for some days of diving and staring at clouds. Should be amazing! See you there!

A rather characterful door near the ferry

One of the colourful local boats

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