Meeting the folks

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I had already met some of July’s family the previous weekend, but this was a regular large group reunion for some of the cousins and extended family. So, quite a high stakes affair and a chance to meet July’s father. Yikes!

All was smooth, however, and I had a great time. The food was good and I did language exchange with July’s improbably cute cousins. I became their new play station, and was asked at the end if I could possibly move into their apartment because they wanted to see more of me … so I passed an important test!

Nosh – a hot soup where you add ingredients as you like. I had done a similar thing with Michael some time ago, but this was much better with the guidance of some people who knew what they were doing (ie: we did not set fire to anything this time).

Nio Nio – a delight

… and plus Ge Ge

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