Mattieu’s Barbecue # 2

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Jonny & Marta! (my favourite Polish person)

Mattieu staged his second barbecue party, hosting much of the French population on his expansive rooftop overlooking the city to one side and the mountains to the other. My new apartment will feature a similar set-up, with even a little garden!

Last time, Mattieu managed to attract a very large number of attractive girls. This time, the guys clearly got wind of this and turned out in force. If Mattieu were to host another, I am guessing the local girls will learn of the quantity of elligible, single, professional European males and thus the cycle would continue. Sadly, his landlord had other ideas and has banned him from further parties due to the noise – on such a noisy little island this is rather ironic.

One interesting thing I have realised is that the French seem to stick together. And the Germans too, come to that. And then there seems to be in the middle – the lone plucky Brit. I am not sure if this is me, or the fact that I am British, but it is interesting none the less. You can also see that Europeans (including the Brits) tend to stick to other Europeans rather than hang out with Americans and Canadians. It seems I have more in common with people who do not share my mother tongue than those on the other side of the pond.

Why won’t anyone listen to me?!” – Gerd and Marta discuss, while Lars screams for attention

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