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After a year of rocketing around on an International Driving License, the time finally came to sign up for a real, bona fide Taiwanese scooter license. After the devastating failure the previous week of failing the computerised ‘written’ element, we tried again (completing the test on the government web-site would have helped, seeing as it is an exact copy of the final exam… over confidence!).

The total test format is as follows:

1. Height and weight test (where everyone in the room can see)

2. Eye test – basically involves saying which way an arrow is pointing…

The examination room rigorously tests the potential drivers … total chaos

3. ‘Physical Exam’ – squat once and grip your hands … all overseen by a doctor!

4. The dreaded computerised exam … split into multiple choice and true/false sections. Easy if you practice – I got 98%!

The test room – you have about 20 minutes for the test. 4 minutes is more reasonable

Scooter Test

As an example, I got both of these questions incorrect in the previous attempt…

5. The real driving test! The test course (if you can call it that) could probably fit into a school gymnasium. The first section you pass by driving very slowly (unnatural on this island) along a perfectly straight line, and you fail if you take less than 7 seconds or if you touch the sensitive strip along the sides – this is actually surprisingly difficult!

Then, you meet a series of tests. First, is a red traffic light. If you successfully stop at this, go when it is green, and repeat the same thing for a pedestrian and then railway crossing you pass! That’s it!

The test course…

Some ‘tricks’ for passing the Sailfish test – whatever that means.

The main ‘straight’ – you can see the test strips and counter. If you fail all manner of buzzers and sirens go off… it is taiwan after all.

Will he pass!? As soon as you reach the end of the speed test you have pretty much nailed the test. Only a fool would fail at a traffic light (michael ;-) )

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