Typhoon Holiday!

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This was the typhoon’s position yesterday – it is hard to appreciate from this picture, but it sharply veers from its course as it hits the Taiwanese coast.

The position today – you can see how the ‘pond ripple’ potential future position of the typhoon have become less broad.

Relaxing here in my local coffee shop, it is hard to imagine that one of the most violent typhoons in recent years has just hit the island. Yesterday, on its collision course with Taipei, Typhoon Haitung veered off course down the coast and hit land in Hualian. As a result, although we all got the day off work today (yay!) the weather is very pleasant. Indeed, Anke, Lars, Tanja and Michael have just arrived to enjoy some coffee and shelter from the warm sunshine outside.


Found a decent photo of the Typhoon’s indecisive path now… the first ‘loop’ in 35 years. Okay, I made that up – but it is the first time a Typhoon’s path has changed like that in ages and ages and ages.

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