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Writing is rather sporadic at the moment – no internet connection at home at the moment, which is a bit of a pain.

However, last night was the momentous event of being able to cook for the first time in a whole year! I now have a kitchen and want to get back into the habit of cooking for myself. Slightly rusty in the supermarket as a result of being catered for for a year now, I seem incapable of buying things for cooking. I still managed to escape from the place with a pack of spaghetti, some garlic and olive oil, plus the closest thing I could get to a courgette.

Unfortunately, I ended up frying a cucumber, but still it tasted good and I appreciated it alongside a nice glass of red wine in the new apartment, which is slowly getting better.

I’ll post some other events soon. My digital camera is off for repair and I am weighing up buying a new one instead. The humidity of Taiwan destroys electronics, and in my case the menu buttons have stopped functioning, which is handy.

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    I knew it! That man must have turned into a blogger! Your blog is nice man, I love to read about your taiwan-life. Feel free to visit and exchange links to the little Berlin http://www.stylewalker.net – with music and stuff! For the undergroud ffel – for the science in life!
    Hugs, Thomas

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