Fortune Telling

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A great weekend!

Amongst other nice things, I met Anita from Hong Kong and her friend. I took the time to take them to Shilin night market where we sampled foods, had portraits cut with scissors and where I was persuaded me to get my fortune told.

The Hong Kong guys, and their first time in Shilin night market

Usually, I am quite against these things – astrology, palm reading and so on – but in the spirit of hosting I agreed. The system is uninteligible in its entirety, but there was certainly plenty of mysterious clicking and shouting numbers and important looking magnets. Suitably impressed, I sat back, taking my palms with me, and waited to listen to the outcome.

The fortune telling system – I won’t pretend I can explain it

I am fairly sure this is really supposed to be a secret, but if you don’t tell anyone I won’t either…

The crux of the conclusion is that I am descended from Aliens and it is they that are guiding me through my life. It also explains any particular special powers that I have, such as the ability to read people’s minds’, which will look great on my resumé. Enthralled, I listened to the man speak – though I have to be honest and admit that Anita did the translating. Finally, he recommended that I take a trip to Egypt at some point in the future to reconnect with the beings.

Their deity / lead priest / boss. A scary child – boy or girl!?

Anita and I after a few beers at Rich’s studio

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