The Daily Commute

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My daily commute

I wanted to put some effort into logging some of my (now) more mundane activites, which upon reflection may not be so standard for you folks back home. For those that do not know, I scooter to work each day on my trusty ‘Duke’ and this is one of the places where the lights catch me each day for a couple of minutes. It is in these minutes that I sometimes get a bolt from the blue reminding me that I am in the South China Sea – particularly when I pause below the Grand Hotel near to my office. Still an arresting site, even after so much time here.

One thing that I have realised is that my life back home is as exotic for the locals as it is the other way around. So many assumptions and stereotypes have been squashed by by time here … and an equal number reinforced! And it is of course funny to talk to them to hear what their views on what our lives are like back in Europe.

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