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Edward works it

I had an amusing reminder that my boss is a celebrity in Taiwan when TV crews arrived for an interview for a local fashion show. Bertie, Kate, Charlotte and I more or less took the piss for the whole time, contemplating ringing Edward’s cell phone, but wisely we restrained ourselves. The two brothers – Edward and Demos Chiang – are more or less a cross between Richard Branson and Prince William, and as such telling girls who you work for more or less has them on the floor. I would never do such a thing, of course!

As an amusing post-script, when the crew left they popped the power for the building, and as such I lost a bunch of ProE development … after some swearing and looking less than friendly, the fashion model host came over to apologise to me. Again, I had no idea who she was, but apparently she is quite a celebrity. I should find out her name and the name of the show really, eh.

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