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George and I prepared a belated housewarming brunch to say farewell to Anke and Lars – two of the first friends I made in Taipei, and a pair that I will miss in the coming months.

I’ll miss their vitality, enthusiasm to entertain at their apartment and ability to make me feel lazy! Some of the most memorable times in Taiwan have been with them … but who knows, after their move to Shanghai perhaps we will be sipping tea on their balcony sooner than expected.

Ludvig, George, Martin (obscured), Marta, Anke, Lars, Michael, Tanja and Moi in our wee garden

See you soon!

In the series of ‘no, this is their real farewell dinner’ dinners, this really was the final farewell dinner. It was very nice to be surrounded by the guys that have made the Taiwan experience what it is, and a few bottles of wine certainly did not hurt matters one jot.

Xie Guang Ling!

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