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Against several self-imposed raised odds of not making it to Australia, here I am … G’day!

Sydney is fantastic, and justifiably feels proud of itself, but without being smug. The cityscape is ever changing, giving you chance glances of the Sydney Harbour bridge through vintage Ned Kelley tenaments and crystalline high rises. The Opera House is simply EPIC and takes your breath away in its form and thoughtful detailing. And the food mixes masculline meat pies with white wine and oysters – a theme that defines the city somewhat.

It’s certainly very ‘Californian’ – everyone looks like they are a personal trainer, or at least running during lunch break. You can understand why they are so blinking good at sport!

I’m hanging out with Richard and Claerwen – Rich was a colleague from the Web-Imps days of 1999 – and I am feeling pretty blessed again that I was able to meet up with several more friends from Taipei and Canada in the evening.

I’m impressed with Sydney. Another city has been added to the list of those that I would love to live in or raise a family – which is exactly what Richard and Claerwen chose to do.

Brunch of Champions – oysters and white wine at the fish market kicked off the day nicely

Approaching Sydney Harbour Bridge on the ferry – Keep Clear

Engineering Details

Approaching the Opera House on foot, and about 500 Mb of photo opportunities

In the middle of being blown away… I was surprised how fantastic the building was, especially as it is so old



Internal details, lifted straight from NASA

The Max Power ‘Utes’ were just fantastic. Deeply cool, and unforgivably crass at the same time

Cheers to Sydney!

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