The Prodigy

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After almost zero publicity, myself and my friends discovered that The Prodigy were playing Taipei. Rather an unusual location too – in the national soccer stadium – so I was interested to go and check it out based on the olde Chinese arcitecture.

It was definitely worth it, and was as crazy as a Tuesday night out could be in Taipei. Usually, I would not think of going to see them live, but the VIP passes were free (thanks to Charlotte’s connections) and there was a nice bunch of people going along. One of the most special things was, as a result of the location next to the airport every few minutes a plane would fly over head – totally awesome at a large rock and roll concert!


Nelson comes well prepared – and no he is not a tiny man, those beer cans are HUGE!

The sun really does shine out of Danny’s ass

Rich looks guilty

The group, after we persuaded a security guard to allow us to hang around more after the show – basicallt because he was so happy about taking a photo of us! And you can see the stage set up in preparation for the huge 50 Cent concert at the weekend.

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