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I need to kick start my blogging again so the best way to do this is to simply upload some photos. So, here are some amusing things that I have seen on my travels of late.

A labrador seen near Danshui – shaved clean of any dignity

Dad bought this in Hong Kong … amazing

On the way home, I snatched this photo of a guy who could hardly turn he had so much foam loaded onto his scooter

One of the local tradesmen specialises in brooms and hats and taps and bowls. As you begin to tune into Chinese you begin to hear the sounds of ‘buo li’ (glass) and other household items blairing (is that a new verb?) out of pre-recorded loud-hailers

Taiwanese people like food. Taiwanese people like weapons. Taiwanese people like food shaped like weapons. (stretching the truth for the benefit of the blog)

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    nice. i really love the pictures! keep it up! :)

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