Yuanshan Festival of Rock

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Posted rather late – so some photos of an awesome weekend of music, in one of the finest gig locations I have ever seen – at the old Taipei zoo location near the Grand Hotel.

Very special – doubly so since Andres, Nelson, Marta, Dean, Christina and others joined us. It was the second time I saw The Super Furry Animals live, and was blown away by the sure footed swagger of Dirty Pretty Things – half of the Libertines.

So, finally, some music!

Magical mystery cones – Peter rugby tackled one later on, much to the ire of the management. A case of not quite knowing how to handle foreigners in a rock festival mood.


The star of the show


Beer from a tea pot. No, it made sense. Apparently.

Quite the most fantastic location for a concert. The best location since seeing Mogwai in Wulai

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