Broken Wrist

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Jonny had a crash. Wrist broken. Rather sad, since I am supposed to be diving next week, and my new bike arrives this Thursday.

And sitting in the hospital yesterday, I really felt a long way from home!



  1. yenling
    Posted 2006/10/02 at 18:46 | Permalink

    I have tons of experience of broken arms like that, only I broke them with scooter. And there’s no plaster. Poor thing….

  2. Anonymous
    Posted 2006/10/05 at 03:41 | Permalink

    Cheer up bruv. The cast will be a total babe magnet! Just watch out for the lady boys on your hols >;o)

    Get well soon.
    lil’sis xx

  3. Posted 2006/10/06 at 14:37 | Permalink


    I’m sorrry about the wrist. At least it’ll keep it from going limp, ya big ol fag u.

    oh wait, that doesn’t mean the same thing. shit.

    hope ur feeling better,


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