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Some assorted photos over the last week or so in Taipei.

Nelson looking pretty in PS Cafe while hanging out pretending to study Chinese

Messing around with the RAW settings on my camera while downtown at night in Taipei

Mister Donuts is a Japanese confectionary chain in Taiwan. The quality is poor poor poor, but every time a new one opens expect a line up around the building and down the block. People like donuts here in Taiwan.

Markus and I out for some quiet (mid-week) beers at Underworld on ShiDa road. The place shut down a few months ago and we were happy to see it humming again (and our heads the next day).

A night time street vendor is either stopping or starting work for the day

Rich and I head north as I make my first trip on scooter in about five weeks. We stop to admire the paddy fields.

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