Wrist – Good News!

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Saw the wrist Doctor tonight, had some X-rays … and he says that my wrist is healing very quickly. Basically, it’s 100% but I need to wait for another month before riding properly again … but until then I can at least ride my bike on the street. Yeah!

And in a double twist of good news, Nick – a friend from the US and A – came back from the States today. His Dad was in a pretty horiffic car crash, and he flew home to be with his family. Luckily, he is in the middle of making a full recovery. This struck a little close to home – as I am sure it did with many young guys away from home. It could have been my parents, friend or loved one. This time it wasn’t, and I hope it never will.

The flip side was seeing the way that this disperate group of people here rallied around with a barrage of e-mails accross the Pacific. Rather comforting.

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