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Some pics from the weekend…

A walk in the park – Rich and I have a beer in Sun Yat Sen

A pretty cool street art exhibition in Shilin Night Market – very nice to see, since the guys here have a shop, exhibition space and dance studio over three levels. I have been waiting for an underground movement to begin to claim these places as their own … and it is a theme that continues.

Rich, Nick and I rocking it up at Luxy – our first night out together in ages, since we have all been jet setting off around Asia for the last couple of months.

Campo – this is really developing as a very nice design / art / music conglomeration. I was delighted to see they were using the HuaShan arts district – Taipei’s old cigarettes and alcohol factory. The design style is very Taiwanese and over-cute, but it is developing … but the most pleasing thing to see is the way they are renovating the buildings, but without completely polishing it.


  1. viki
    Posted 2006/11/21 at 12:29 | Permalink

    hey hey! looks like you had a fun weekend! oh! i was at luxy too on sat. nite. it was a great party! haa

  2. Posted 2006/11/23 at 01:36 | Permalink

    Whoah! The Trifecta is back together again. And all is right in Taipei once more :)

    I had to change phone cards in HK, so THAT erased your damn numero AGAIN. I SUCK. Total-ry suck. Email me your contact numero plus tres rapide vite! schnell?

    (how many linguas was that? is my brain completely revolting against all Eastern languages now or what?)

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