Voting Time in Taipei

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For all the problems with Taiwanese democracy, it is quite the most vibrant and passionate group of voters I have ever encountered. Perhaps we just need to give them time to adjust and develop a healthy dollop of voter apathy, but for the moment they are resplendant in their suits communally shouting ‘down with this sort of thing!’ or ‘don’t stop doing this sort of thing!’ at the top of their lungs.

As horrified as I am at seeing a small truck dressed up as a tank – or rather, horrified that someone would deem this appropriate for a political campaign – it is pretty cool. I even saw one of the candidate’s posters the other day where the guy was holding a baseball bat, ready to strike. Amazing.


I forgot to post much about the huge political protests aimed at Chen ShuiBien (the President) over the past few months, but this was perhaps the most impressive image of all that I saw. The people have spoken.

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