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Well, the results are out, and I won the ‘Special Prize’ in the annual Kokuyo Design Award!

‘Pencils for Gambling’ are a combination of dice and pencils.

The inspiration came when looking at these two traditional, easily recognized objects, and realizing that they both had six sides. The resultant design simply places dots on the end of a pencil’s shaft. Subtle and fun, it allows the user to play games without anyone else knowing.

When researching the project, the team also discovered that the first dice, used in ancient China, were formed from sticks of bamboo. Therefore, the shape also reflects Asian history, in a modern, yet affordable product.

Check out the link – I am very excited!

Kokuyo Design Award 2006


  1. Gareth M
    Posted 2006/11/29 at 18:12 | Permalink

    Congratulations, well deserved. What a great idea, lovely look to the pencils too.

  2. Posted 2006/12/01 at 09:48 | Permalink

    congratulations! Whole asus design team knew you got muji award!! WOW!

  3. Posted 2006/12/03 at 13:55 | Permalink


    This is pure genius. Your design straddles so many bridges (old/new, work/play, east/west, stop me here)…big bravo to ya!

  4. viki
    Posted 2006/12/06 at 16:45 | Permalink

    wow. congrates!

  5. Posted 2006/12/14 at 18:05 | Permalink




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