Simple Life

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This weekend I went to ‘Simple Life’ – an urban music festival at my new top location, The HuaShan Arts District. Somebody is clearly doing their job exceedingly well, as I have written about that place several times of late.

The term ‘Simple Life’ applied to this festival is perhaps pushing it a bit. Sponsored jointly by Muji and 7-11, well over half of the site was filled with a craft market, a Muji museum, food stalls, mini 7-11s and clothes shops. It really hit the sweet spot in that Birkenstock-clad, excessively worthy yet cute style that is such the rage here. Why brave the elements when you can do what you love best – buying cute crap.

Cute crap mart at the Muji stand

Strangely, there was also a reading room. An entire hall of the exhibition was taken up with the real Camper warriors all nodding in agreement at the speakers extolling the virtues of ‘sustainable’ lifestyles, all while munching on their 7-11 boiled snacks.

But I did get to see my favourite Taiwan rockers, 1976, bring the house down, even though everyone behind me (several hundred people) could not see over my shoulders. They’ll learn.

1976 – notice all the blinky camera and phone screens as people record the concert … when do they expect to watch this again?

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