Escape Pod

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I have not posted so much of late – perhaps because work has been grilling me, and I have had so many to finish at this most busy time of year. It’s a strange environment to be in heading up to Christmas – there is no communal Christmas spirit (why should there be) and the idea of my leaving is not quite synchronised. So, I have an enormous pile of projects to finish (one of them being Christmas shopping for certain family members!) and my brain is hurting from having to think about packing.

This is a tale in itself. I am bringing my old bike back to sell, so I though it would make sense to buy a specific bike box for the task. However, upon weighing bike in box, I discovered it came to something over 25kg… and my weight limit should really be 20. So, a change of pants, a toothbrush and a credit card for me! And some intelligent packing of pockets and notebook computer bags!

You’ll be able to spot me – I’ll be the one with the huge oversized suitcase and the paedophile jacket packed with consumer electronics!

The sooner I get out of here the better for my sanity.

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