Hogmanay in Scotland

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New Year’s Eve 2006/07 became probably the most memorable, unusual and special one on record – against odds stacked against us by a well-timed Scottish typhoon.

Princes Street was shut, and against a back-drop of cold, confused tourists, drunk revellers and whispered reports of people being hit by flying Portaloos our team gathered in the warmth of a very characterful Scottish bar. We were certainly ready to dig in for the night, but with a couple of hours to go my old flat-mate Jenny called us up and said they needed people for some bash the BBC was laying on, now the scenes of the street party had to be cancelled.

News that there was going to be free alcohol meant the decision was already an easy one for us. However, this was not going to be your common or garden Hogmanay party, but the party at the very centre of Scotland’s celebrations at Edinburgh Castle.

Our party had soldiers guarding the gates. Our party had swords and battle scenes painted on the walls. And our party combined free Champagne with national Television coverage. The magnificent seven were at the very beating heart of Scottish culture – in the front row of the crowd for the annual Hogmanay festivities. I doubt there is any point ever celebrating in Edinburgh ever again, because we have done it now. It cannot be improved or embelished in any way – next year should certainly be spent down some local pub instead.

Princes Street revellers

Umbrella graveyard

Team Hogmanay Ho! (Check the BBC wrist band bling $$)

How many megapixels has yours got?

Could this be the midnight canon?!

Jenny – the star of the night! – THANKS!

Becca gets blurry in the bar after(math)

Smooth criminal




Craig’s family have seen us. His Gran punched record as soon as he saw his face. And his uncle saw us on TV while on a boat. In Sydney Harbour. In Australia.



  1. Daria
    Posted 2007/01/03 at 23:26 | Permalink

    looks like someone sure knows how to have fun,but then looking at all those fun stuff makes me miss the outside world.

    what days u said u gonna be in Taipei area?

  2. Posted 2007/04/10 at 08:09 | Permalink

    Hey jonboy! just found this. ahh hogmannaaai memories. when you coming to visit in sl?

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