New Year’s Resolution

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Usually when I return to Taiwan after a period away I take picture of the exactly the same things. This usually comprises the industrial-scale freeways, traffic and the professional quality lighting that Taipei occasionally seems to conjur up.

The motorways never fail to impress me – more like transportation cathederals. Mark my words, if Taipei is ever hit by a meteor these will be the only things left standing.

Tom – an old friend of Rich’s comes back to Taiwan and enjoys the widescreen view from Toby’s rooftop

New Year’s Resolution, provided by Sony Bravia (I couldn’t resist this joke)

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  1. Posted 2007/01/23 at 20:51 | Permalink

    sony really just killed the whole new year fireworks excitment for a moment! ugh.
    i did get some good shots for the fireworks tho ;);=106420303&imageID;=1653406133

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