Get on the Bus

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Uh Oh, 100 buses in Taipei…

Know that I got some very strange looks when I was taking these photos!

Advertising in Banciao – BIG (see me below) – I had to talk my way into the top floor. The security guard said ‘no’ but then I showed him a poster of me behind him and he had to say yes! Authority?


  1. Anonymous
    Posted 2007/03/20 at 00:34 | Permalink

    wish one day when you are on the TV shinning again, I could be the one who wait for you in the back and smile…
    wait for you to finish and give you a big hug…

  2. Posted 2007/03/30 at 15:11 | Permalink

    excuse me, but who are you?

  3. Anonymous
    Posted 2007/03/30 at 17:31 | Permalink

    I am Miss Lovely

  4. Miss Lovely
    Posted 2007/04/14 at 12:13 | Permalink

    and maybe some secrets should just stay secret

  5. Posted 2007/04/14 at 15:22 | Permalink

    WURD!!!!! (that is my new favorite word ever btw) WURD. You’re on the freakin’ bus. And you’re getting groupie love from the blogosphere.
    Geeezh man alive! You’re a rockstar in the East! Are you ever gonna come back West now?!

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