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Other countries in Asia – Japan, Hong Kong and China – I had already developed a relatively strong impression for well before I moved out East. Korea, on the other hand, was a place for which my perception has definitely been influenced by my Taiwanese compatriots. That is certainly not to say it is a well-formed and balanced opinion, since it is mainly based on A. the spicy food in the restaurants here B. the Korean soap operas that are all the rage here, and C. gossip from Taiwanese girls that all Korean girls have had plastic surgery.

Thankfully, except for the spicy food, all my perceptions were readily challenged by what I experienced!

One of the main reasons I wanted to head out here was that Daniel Fertig, one of neighbours while growing up, had moved here with his wife Michelle and kids Anna and Sumi. I had not really ever had a chance to chat properly to Michelle and Dan and I have plotted pretty divergent courses up to this point that we ended up on the same side of the world together. It sounds strange, but it is nice to know that someone else is going through some of the same things that I am, and that my parents and his parents can talk about our strange stories.

The writing is on the wall – Korean grafitti

Jade leaves behind the spiciest meal of the holiday


Admiring the roof

One thing I liked about Korean buildings is they seemed to use much more colour than in Taiwan or certainly Japan; though I suspect it might be because they repaint regularly.

Jade enjoys one of my jokes


High contrast

Not at all Korean, but I thought it looked cool in the clear sunshine – shame it did not have Korean writing on it!

Shiny door nobs

Jade smiles for the camera

The middle aged men of Korea were super cool. Aleays kind of hanging around, and often dressed in the most wicked suits you could imagine.

I want to be him!

Building bridges

Hanging out in the markets

Obligatory motorbike pics – this guy really went to town

Similarly mental mods as the Taiwanese

Jade looks radiant

More shoes

Korean Ginseng

Sliding doors

One of the pleasures of the trip was hanging out with super cute Anna and Sumi … we went up the cable car to check out the view and it was a grand day out!


Anna – just slightly bolder

And Sumi – very shy, but adorable! ( I hope I got them the right way round..)

Are we going up there?

Dad Dan looks pleased

Ridin’ the cable car

Cheap kicks had by all

Now what?!


Sipin’ on the Sunup

Jade and I on top of the world


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