Hong Kong with Jade

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Jade and I managed to jet off for a quick weekend in Hong Kong and Macao, before all the crazy stuff begins to happen in the next couple of months with her job – she’ll be spending rather a lot of time in Beijing from now on. Unfortunately, she managed to visit for the first time just a few days before while on business, but for once I have to thank her workaholic boss for showing her only the airport, client’s office and hotel.

I am a relative expert with this place, so we managed to tick off a few favourites, as well as my first trip into the New Territories – far, far more pleasant than I ever would have expected. Indeed, it reminded me of Yangming mountain in its scale and beauty, and I came away rather impressed and relaxed having spent a day on the amazing public transport and taking in some cafes and nature. Somehow managed to forget to take any photos though!

I was pretty amazed and delighted to bump into Lorenzo after a cool night listening to African funk at Yumla. He forgot to tell me his new phone number, so he took a wild guess as to where we might be and we met him in the street, which was a pretty cool feeling.

On the cable car up to The Peak

Jade surveys the city

Do not climb


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  1. Anonymous
    Posted 2007/05/13 at 00:44 | Permalink

    so, visiting the homeland mr. b. Hope you had a good time, the photos look good and surprisingly lacking in the dense smog that envelops the city. When are you back in the uk, we need to share some smoothies together . . . robert the juice.

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