Rich – The Return

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It’s old news, but the flip side to this international lifestyle or galavanting off to Korea and Japan for the weekend is that friends tend to do the same and galavant off for good. I have had several close friends do this, but when Rich left at Christmas it really left rather a big hole.

It was with this in mind that I was particularly looking forward to him coming back to wrap up his life before heading off for pastures bright and shiny. I took the day off on Friday and we planned (well, I say, plan – it mostly involved just waking up) and rode off around the north of the island and chilling at the beach, shooting several months of breeze that had been lacking.

At the peak of Yangming Shan

Camera around my neck… and on timer for some fun results

Sign of the times

An amazing hour spent on the beach trapped between the mountains, the Pacific Ocean and a sunset to melt any ice cap

The boys are back in town

Speed demon

Helmet cam

Look ma’ no hands! – riding into the sunset

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted 2007/05/24 at 20:42 | Permalink

    “good times, good buddies”… I’m jealous!

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