Raw Thursdays

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Thursdays has become a regular eating session amongst my friends and I. In tribute to Nick’s very particular stomaxh problem, where he cannot eat cooked food, we have labelled these weekly feasts ‘Raw Thursdays’. Just a bunch of guys eating raw food, basically.

It’s quite interesting and a challenge to find food that Nick can partake in. Sashimi figures highly in our menu, and this week we headed to one of my favourite little laneside eateries near 101. Excellent ambience at night time, topped off as it is by 101 poking up at the end of the street.

Sadly, the raw food extended into a raw head the next morning, the result of rather too much sake. But that’s just a demonstration of the lengths we go to to appease Nick’s belly.

Toby dishes out the goods

Nick sheds some light on the subject

Okay, stop now

Lane 101

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