The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly in … Taiwan

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It has been raining non stop for about one and a half weeks now. Not ‘shower’. None of your English ‘drizzles’. And ‘precipitation’ seems a bit polite for what we are getting here. No, this is angry rain that seems to bounce when it hits the ground ensuring that everything gets wet, no matter what you wear. It’s depressing, and wearing constantly damp clothes really gets you down.

Still, when the sun does eventually come out we can be sure that the humidity will go through the roof and I will begin complaining about the inability to breathe instead. Luckily, I suppose, there is little chance of that problem next week – just check the seven-day forecast!

Michael Fish would be proud…


  1. Anonymous
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    Like with so many things on this island, there’s a ‘beautiful’ name for it: the “plum rain season”… sounds nice now, does it?
    Well, it isn’t. And to illustrate how bad it gets, here’s a number game: Taiwan plum-rain downpours in the past week exceeded 130mm per 24 hours, which is more than twice as much as the 57mm average rainfall in a London December, when the British capital faces its highest monthly precipitation. The highest amount of rain per day during this year’s plum rain season was recorded in Miaoli County, around 80km south of Taipei, that had more than 200mm of rain on June 8, 2007.

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    What is this, Wikipedia?


    Seriously – thanks for the info!

  3. Anonymous
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