Typhoon Update

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It was supposed to be the biggest Typhoon in a year, and apart from some plant pots being blown over I am rather disappointed. I say disappointed, and that is probably because I have picked up, somewhat, on the excitement of the locals to having a big Typhoon hit the island; “it’s going to be a big one!”.

It’s probably what I needed though – to be locked inside all day with a pile of DVDs. Clearly, Domino’s Pizza has far more accurate meteorological data than the government, because when we called up we had absolutely no problem ordering. I then bravely stepped out into the light drizzle lashing down and fought my way through the desolate streets, to the busy Dominos, picking up some more drinks and crisps on the way.

In all seriousness, I think it hit the centre/south of the island, so we in leafy Taipei were spared. It looks like China is battening down the hatched though, as even the mighty BBC is reporting it. You can check the news here: “South China bracing for typhoon”

Time to crack another Heineken.

That was a close one!

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