English Summer

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Apparently, England has failed to really have a summer this year. I am not sure I believe anyone when they tell me, because it has been gorgeous weather for the whole time that I have been here.

I was calculating with Dad, I have not actually been in the UK in summer time for five years! Impossible to believe, but that includes three years away, and then a summer spent gallivanting off to Mexico. So it was rather a novelty to pack the bikes up and ride in Derbyshire in the summer time, with no ice and no burning lungs.

It was a magical day, riding up and around Monseldale, but after riding on my old clunker (no suspension, thumbshifters, cantilever brakes) it feels like I have been in a fight today. My whole body has taken a beating. Still – hilarious, purist fun.

Retro bikes!

The Biddle boys on top of the world!

Thanks Dad. Keep the day job.

Better! (me trying to look cool)

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