Rooftop Live

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With Markus leaving Taiwan there are a few activities that we need to clear out of the way before he is granted access to the United States, we have not been the bessst at meeting up, but in the last few days we have made some pretty serious effort to meet up and redress the balance.

I am still a bit groggy from the weekend and lack of sleep, but we had an absolute stormer of a night watching 1976 on the roof of Eslite bookstore. Fighting the elements, we enjoyed a good show, and capped it with one of the funniest moments of Taiwan in months. More to tell later on that one, in case it ruins any surprises in the near future.

Markus and I, with about 250 people behind us not able to see past us

Taiwan does pull of some good locations when it wants to!

Peeking through

My baby’s on fire

1976 in the house

More pics on my web gallery here:

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