Markus Leaves

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Markus has left Taiwan!

Horror of horrors. The rechtsfahrer actually did it!

It’s sad to see him leave of course, but I also know that there will be one or two opportunities in the future to make some new stories… but for now, this guy was there for some of the best of mine on this island.

Tour de Taiwan

Yes sah!

Enduring images of a design executive

Shallow grave

Karaoke Destruction

No, we are really taking this seriously!

Ich liebe dich!

Miaoli Horrors

Hello nasties!

Markus, no doubt talking total bullshit, as usual :-)

Formoz Insanity

Markus is the one on the left glowing just like the sun. In most pictures that day his face was totally overexposed – even at night!

Dali Bread

Markus and I playing with new cameras is a consistent theme

As well as unimaginative composition!

But he’ll be joining Evelyn soon… and good luck to them!


Beer and music… who is my wingman now?

Rooftop Live Taipei

The last run…. too funny, even now.

Ride 2 Live

The last one. But a good one!

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  1. viki
    Posted 2007/11/13 at 01:50 | Permalink

    always hate to say goodbye… either in a good condition or bad. but it all happens for reasons, for… yea, more stories.
    was nice to run into ya again.

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