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Last night, working with Mark Stocker at DDG, we conducted a second online seminar with Pure Insight. Unlike the bulk of their presentations (far more McKinsey in style, with lots of graphs and metrics and other things to lean on) we kept it much more conversational and anecdotal. Unlike the previous session, this ‘Members Only Call’ allowed people to call in with their questions. It really felt like a radio show!

Pure Insight – Innovating in the East: Managing Teams and Partnerships in Asia

… and the good news is, that’s the last of the major commitments I have made in the last few months coming home. I think I will give myself a bit of a breather, and allow some space for some more Chinese homework!

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted 2007/11/03 at 17:26 | Permalink

    This is Diego Barbera from Jack magazine, italy.
    I read your blog and
    I contacted you because we need an article about Taipei,
    considered in its evolution in last years (the hi-tech and the traditions of an ancient city like Taipei from example). Our idea is to ask to a young, brilliant and smart man (woman) to be our guide in the city and its lifestyle and music.
    We usually let make our “travel” articles by people living there.
    The most important thing is what’s new there, but we still don’t know about what we should talk about Taipei. So we’d need any suggestion about it: what’s new, what’s cool to see, to do etc…
    Maybe something different from the usual tourist’s side.

    you can find an article written by Aleksey, a russian blogger, author of gotomoskva.com, the only site from moskowians to moskowians. It’s too long and it’s only an example. You don’t have absolutely to do the same: if you want, you can read it only to have an idea…
    There http://gossip-from-malta.blogspot.com/2007/01/malta-featured-in-jack-magazine.html is an article about Malta written by a girl from there.

    usually our articles are long 7000 letters (blanks included).
    So, do you think to have time for writing? Our deadline is 2 weeks.
    payment is around 200 dollars.
    Are you interested?
    Or, if you can’t, do you know someone that you think can do it?
    In any case, it’s important if you suggest us what to write for: i mean, what’s really changed in Taipei in last years, and why it’s really “cool” for a young italian man to go there.
    I wait your answer as soon as possible,
    thank you very much and greetings

    Diego barberadiego@hotmail.com

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