Vietnam – Wrapping Up

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I had a few photos left over to post from my time in Hanoi, Vietnam, so here they are below. I have to say I was really taken with the city (along with the excellent French bread available everywhere), and I believe I should come back some day to experience some of the nature.

Crowds at the Hoam Kien Lake in the middle of Hanoi

Lovers look to the future

Making wishes for the future

The Cathederal by night

Ubiquitous telephone wires – which is ironic, seeing as I had WiFi access for the whole time walking around, amazingly!

And I thought the tangle of cables under my desk as bad

Advertising on the walls for tradesmen and other services

Ho Chi Minh’s shrine

A lady walks through the square – the weather was hazy but her had somehow stood out

Cell phone usage, like everywhere else in the world, seems near universal

Views out of the airport across what is surely the shiniest floor in Asia

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